Chia Chia Plotting competition submissions ARE IN and the competition is closed. I will be checking these results out this weekend and early next week will be going over winners, results and I *think* we have a new FASTEST PLOT

Chia Plotting Competition Rig Submissions ARE CLOSED NOW

You will be emailed tomorrow with directions on how to submit with your registered rig. FASTEST (or slowest) single plot time will be due December 29th 11:59PM CST

Farewall to Chia Plot format 1.0 
A Bon-Voyage competition

I have really enjoyed Chia plotting with the various plotters we have gotten for Chia so far, and am super excited to commemorate with a farewell plotting contest. Check the rules and submit your rig to enter! Friday December 16th 2022 this page will open for you to submit your best plotting rig you want to enter and will stay open until to upload Monday December 26th 2022. You will be emailed a link to submit your result to on Tuesday December 27th and will close on Thursday December 29th which will allow you to submit your fastest plot time, so start tuning and testing now!

But wait, there’s more!

If you are the slowest time in a category, you will be awarded a gift at random also! Some of these will include fine works of ChiChi NFT Art and many other prizes.

The Rules

  • You can only enter 1 time, so choose which rig you will use wisely! You have time between now and submitting rig your fastest SINGLE plot time to decide. Parallel plot submissions are irrelevant here.
  • Name and Email must match with enrolled name and email.
  • Winners WILL be asked to provide validation of their systems (doable via screenshot, but will have random asks to catch cheaters)
  • Only 1 entry per IP address. No proxies, No Tor, No VPN, No Server/Cloud IP ranges. Residential IP’s only. 
  • Any attempt to bypass or game the system will result in forfeiting of your submission without any explanation. Play fair.
  • The rig you said you were using, must be the rig you use.
  • No altering, forging or photoshopping of results.
  • Winners will be announced Saturday December 31st and contacted via email then as well to provide either a physical address for prizes and/or an XCH address for NFT or XCH prizes.
  • These rules are not exhaustive and can be added to if other means of exploitation are found. This page will be updated with rules if that occurs.
  • Additions are added in this pink color here.
  • Shipping of physical gifts will be limited to shipping costs not to exceed more then $25 USD. If you are a hard drive winner, you may be sent the cash equivalent in XCH if the shipping is over $25 USD. Digital Spaceport will base the cash equivalent off the price last sold for same class hardware on 
  • By entering this contest, you agree to be bound to these rules.

The Prizes

  • 1 – 18TB Hard Drive (Green Label)
  • 2 – 14TB Hard Drives (White Label)
  • 7 – 2XCH awards
  • 2 – 1XCH awards
  • 4 – .5XCH awards
  • 8 – .25XCH awards
  • Many, many NFT
  • Awards for the SLOWEST in each category will also be awarded gifts including NFT’s and possibly more. Will we see days long plots? It could be a viable winning option.

RIG SUBMISSIONS HAVE CLOSED! You will be sent an email tomorrow with instructions on submitting your single best plot time. You will have until Thursday Dec. 29 2022 to submit. Good Luck!