Chia News Weekly – 3/10/2023 – Season 2 Episode 1

Format: Digital Spacecast – Chia Weekly News

Show Details: Chia Weekly News – 03/10/23 – Season 2 Episode 1

Date: 10 MARCH 2023 / 2:30 PST PM film time / 12:01 AM GMT Launch time


DSP, Jon, Austin



  1. Welcome to Chia News Weekly 2.0 your weekly journey through the chia verse. Excited about the group collaboration effort we have with Steve Stepp from and to cover even more topics than usual, so check them out for even more historical news items. I’m joined today by Jon and Austin, how are y’all doing? Also be sure to catch the Chia podcast format as well. Links in the description below.
    1. Jon – 30s
    2. Austin – 30s
    3. DSP wrap back
  2. Big Picture Item of the Week – Chia wallets getting hacked? 
    1. I’ll drop my opinion on this here. Jon and Austin 30s each.
  3. Outline the segments for Audience, mention they can use the chapters below to jump to any segment quickly.
    1. Chia Price (+mention stay tuned to the end for our predictions)
    2. Chia Network Inc. News (Official information)
    3. Community Software Releases and Updates
    4. Community Happenings and Web3 Things
    5. Chia Price Predictions (Not Financial Advice. This is 0% accuracy. Consult 1 800 tarot reading or Maxwell cat for higher accuracy predictions.)

Chia Price

  • 35.60 as of FRIDAY Noon PST and that is following the general market trending we are seeing in the wider crypto ecosphere. Keeping an eye out for announcements that can move that needle are you seeing any JON or AUSTIN? 
  • Stay tuned to the end for our weekly crystal ball session at the end of the video!

Chia News (Official)

  • Chia Product Team held a technical talk on CHIP-0014 which is new Chialisp additions called ASSERT_BEFORE, JON what new functionality will this bring to the blockchain?
  • Chia has launched a website page and video for the DataLayer product and this looks great, and I think also hints at some of the functionality we could expect to see productized out of this innovation soon. We even have some more on this in the next segment as well. 
  • Chia has updated the Roadmap to include the XCH-ETH bridge they will be writing but not running. Twitter Spaces AMA on the 15th. Austin and Jon, will you be running validators?

Community Software Updates

  • Both Mintgarden and Dexie are now listed on the website at which hosts PWA based apps. Think Websites that can run on Desktops. Having been able to use Mintgarden desktop this has me feeling good.
  • The folks at have launched an open source Chialisp library around smart contract creation. JON what do you think about this? 
  • Accounting software is heating up as has launched and this is a project from Scrutinous. This enters the field with the teams offering of statements recently. Austin, how has your experience been with these?
  • We have a community dApp tool demo from the folks at showing off what looks like a dApp manager and BBS system. I hope to get some better video on this one, the end was a bit confusing as to what it was showing. Need more info.
  • Grant posted a demo of the BTC to XCH swaps that they plan to implement in the Evergreen 1.4 wallet. Jon, do you know if these offer files will be available on Dexie and will they be available on any known BTC markets?

Community Happenings and Web3

Chia Price Predictions

  • Lightning round of Chia Price predictions based on nothing more than pure speculation and for sure 100% Not financial advice. Actually counter advice, if you follow these predictions you will be ruined.


Thanks again to our guests this week Jon and Austin and be sure to tune in next week for even more and hit to get all the details and more. We can only fit so much in 10 minutes and there are always more news items happening!



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