Framework for deciding on what to buy for Mining Chia

Here are the points to answer before considering what types of rigs to invest in for Chia.

  1. What is my budget for this project?
  2. Do I need to have machines inside the house with me?
  3. Can I put machines in a garage or basement?
  4. Do I know how to use basic command line usage for Linux (have used putty before, or know how to install ubuntu desktop)
  5. Break down the constituant parts of the project by need.
    1. Farmer/wallet/full node can be a single machine which you probably already have like an existing laptop or desktop that can be left running 24/7. Can be any OS easily. ie Windows, Linux, Mac
    2. Plotters are best seperated from the other parts of the full node, wallet farmer so they can devote 100% compute resources to generating plots.
      1. Plotter Operating System (If you MUST use Windows, then a RAMDISK is not needed and we can use a cache to divert most writes off nvme or ssd storage.
      2. High thread count
      3. High GHZ
    3. How much extra storage do I have laying around already in TB’s? How much do I want or need?
  6. Do I need a multipuropse machine (daily driver that I can do everything on and also plot and full node? Less Ideal but doable)

Given that info I can help you get an idea of what to put together at a given price point and what its performance will be. Email me these filled out and I will get you an idea on what I would build. rigs@digitalspaceport.com

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