How To Mine Iron Fish in Windows

How To Mine Iron Fish on Windows 10 or 11

Let’s go through the steps for how to Mine Iron Fish with a Windows 10 or Windows 11 64 bit Computer! I am using the desktop grinder AMD 5950X based build for this guide, and it is blocking every few hours. This is a great testnet because of the incentive aspect that they are offering in my opionion. How is it that more cryptocurrencies are not also offering incentivization in the testnet phase? This means you earn “points” by participating during this period that can be mapped to you on mainnet launch as coins. Get started at IronFish Testnet here

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Ensure WSL installed.

In an administrative terminal type: wsl --install

Install NodeJS

Download the latest Node.js and install it. You should be running on 64 bit windows for this guide.

Auto Install Tools

Ensure you check the box to Automatically Install Necessary Tools as needed.

Accept the Popups

You will be presented with a few pop-ups on terminals windows. Click inside them and hit enter. I had 2 of these windows presented.

Install Chocolatey

You will be presented a powershell that will install chocolatey. Agree and hit enter. It will ask to reboot at the end of that. Do that.

Install RUST

Download the 64 bit Rust Installer for Windows. Install will bring you a popup window. This will also bring up a terminal window. Select option 1 here and install.

VS 2019 BuildTools

Install as per pictured the latest version of the BuildTools exe. Install Visual Studio 2019 Winbuilds for windows.

Admin PowerShell

Open an Administrative Powershell Terminal and navigate to the the Ironfish folder we created earlier.

NPM Install Yarn

Type: npm install --global yarn and press enter

Install Github

Make sure you have the github desktop installed. This will install the needed dependancies for this.

Clone github repo

Type: git clone

Install Ironfish

Enter into the ironfish directory, type: cd ironfish then Type: yarn install

Create Account

Register for your “testnet account” so you can have points mapped to your account.

Register blockGraffiti

Back in the terminal windows, Type: cd ironfish-cli and enter. Then type: yarn start:once config:set blockGraffiti "XXX YOUR GRAFFITI NAME XXX" and hit enter. This needs to match what you registered on the website earlier.

Start Full Node

Type: yarn start start -d default -p 9033 and hit enter. This will sync the blockchain and it will take a few hours to finish. You have to have the blockchain synced before you can start mining!

Start Ironfish Miner

This is how it will look when the blockchain is synced. Open a new administrative terminal. cd into the ironfish-cli folder again. Now type: yarn start miners:start -t XX and hit enter (XX is the total number of threads you will mine with. On my 5950x I set this to 32)

Start Monitor Tab

Open another Tab/ Administrative terminal window. cd to ironfish-cli folder again. Now type: yarn start status -f and it will start a monitoring window that will give you update on mining progress!

How To Mine Iron Fish in just 16 steps, completed!

That is it! These steps are easy to accomplish and will get you started with How to Mine Iron Fish on the incentivized testnet mining. May the blocks be with you!

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