How To Rejoin a Chia Pool with complete clean refresh of keys

Do you suspect you are having issues with your Plot NFTs not connecting to a pool? Maybe you have updated the Chia client a lot of times and made some changes over several months? Josh gave me the steps he used to get his pool plots back into shape. BE SURE TO MAKE A BACKUP!

  1. delete the everything under pool: key in config.yaml, it should look like this: pool: []
  2. delete everything under pool_public_keys: in config.yaml, it should look like this: pool_public_keys: []
  3. run chia keys delete_all to delete all keys (remember to backup mnemonic first!!)
  4. delete \users<user>\AppData\Roaming\chia blockchain
  5. delete the wallet db’s (you can leave the main blockchain db)
  6. use chia keys add -f key.txt to import your keys back. <–this will update the pool_public_keys: in config.yaml
  7. restart Chia, let wallet sync, check config.yaml and Pool tab to see if it worked

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