Chia Plot 2.0 Overview, Hardware Information, Testing, Benchmarks and Setup

Chia Plot 2.0 Hardware Overview

Chia Farming has gotten a wild new facelift with the introduction of Chia plot compression and the ramifications surrounding this. The end result is a seemingly much more complex set of variables and options for the average Chia farmer to wade through. The benefits of doing so cannot be ignored lightly with the benefits and tradeoffs outweighing inaction. Whether you are using the official version or the madMAx Gigahorse Chia farming version, the need for speed and technical execution is high.

Chia now uses GPUs to achieve an optimal level of tables and bits being able to be dropped (vs. stored) and this changes everything. We currently have one end-to-end solution that is capable of generation and farming of compressed plots and that is the madMAx Gigahorse. This document will be updated over time to reflect the software changes that impact hardware selection, benchmarking and utilization. This current document is a living piece and is neither close to finished nor authoritative. It is, however, what I have had time to check into so far.

Chia plotting 2.0 ROT (Rules of Thumb)

  • You want to have at least a PCIe 3 16x wide bus to connect your GPU(s) to
  • You want to have 256GB RAM in your system
    • You cannot in most AMD and INTEL desktop system get to 256GB RAM
  • The higher the speed of your ram, the better. As long as its stable and not stupid expensive
  • Workstations are a great way to get lots of DIMMS into a system, and the ram they run is cheaper ECC
  • You will be doing great with a 3060 or 3060ti in a PCIe-3 generation 16 wide slot with 256GB DDR3 ecc.
    • around ~210 seconds per plot based off
  • You will need some combination of these storage and networking things to handle these plots that are flying out super fast.
    • Super fast networking
    • Directly connect storage
    • Software raid for final storage at a stripe size that is rather fast
    • A pretty fast buffer of storage if you use one of the plot orchestration/mover scripts
  • Learning to use Linux is a great idea. Now more then ever
  • PCIe-4 system with enough RAM and multiple lanes are pretty *EPYC*

GPU Plotting Friendly Servers and Workstation

Dell T620 (w GPU addon board) –

Dell R720

Addon board P/N and more on T620 page

AMD EPYC Systems

Dell Precision 7910 Workstation

HP Z420 Workstation

HP Z440 Workstation

Chia Farming Storage JBODS

NetApp DS 4246 or 4243 (Change the IOM3 to IOM6 for SAS2)

QSFP to 8088 Cables


LSI 9207-8e (external)

Hard Drives



High Performance Networking

Mellanox SX6036 36 Port

ConnectX-3 40Gbit Cards

Mikrotik 4 port SFP+ 10Gbit

Chia Plotting Benchmarks (in seconds)

K32 C7 Full RAM with a few of my GPUs on PCIe 3 – T620 1333 DDR3 4×4

RTX 3060 – 208

RTX 3060ti – 187

Tesla P4 – 595

GTX 1070 – TBD

K2200 – Does not plot K32



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