How To RSYNC your Chia Plots in Unraid tutorial

Here are the commands I was not able to enter on the YouTube video description:

ssh-keygen -t rsa -b 2048 -f /root/.ssh/unraid5-rsync-key

cp /root/.ssh/* /boot/config/ssh/
printf “\nmkdir /root/.ssh \ncp /boot/config/ssh/* /root/.ssh/ \ncd /root/.ssh \nchmod 600 * \n” >> /boot/config/go

scp /root/.ssh/unraid5-rsync-key.pub root@unraid:/root/

ssh root@unraid

if [ ! -d .ssh ]; then mkdir .ssh ; chmod 700 .ssh ; fi
mv unraid5-rsync-key.pub .ssh/
cd .ssh/ ; if [ ! -f authorized_keys ]; then touch authorized_keys; chmod 644 authorized_keys; fi
chmod 600 unraid5-rsync-key.pub ; cat unraid5-rsync-key.pub >> authorized_keys
cp /root/.ssh/* /boot/config/ssh/
printf “\nmkdir /root/.ssh \ncp /boot/config/ssh/* /root/.ssh/ \ncd /root/.ssh/ \nchmod 600 * \n” >> /boot/config/go


Enter this into the User Scripts cron in a new cron named whatever you want to call it.

rsync -avzP –remove-source-files -e “ssh -i /root/.ssh/unraid5-rsync-key” /mnt/fastcache/chiatemp/plot-k32-*.plot root@unraid:/mnt/user/chachacha/ –progress >> /root/rsync-log.txt

Used the awesome knowledge from: https://www.spxlabs.com/blog/2020/10/2/unraid-to-remote-unraid-backup-server-with-wireguard-and-rsync (a great resource for Unraid info)



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